1330 Broadway

Interior photography of the new lobby, amenities, and offices, of the 1330 Broadway building by TMG Partners.

Gregory Cortez

Gregory Cortez Media, Oakland, CA, USA

Gregory Cortez graduated from the University of California, San Diego with a B.A. in Visual Arts - Media with an emphasis in Film and Video. Since beginning Gregory Cortez Media in January of 2012, he has worked as a photographer and videographer for corporate and private clients. Gregory has been shooting interior design, professional portraiture and events since 2009. His photographs are characterized by his dramatic use of studio and natural light as well as striking composition. In addition to his portraiture for artists and other private clients, His clients include Principle Builders, Red Bull and Agate Industry. His work has appeared in the Atlantic, the Huffington Post, Wired, Gizmodo, KPBS, and U.C. San Diego’s Triton TV. As producer for Triton TV, he covered the Clinton Global Initiative and documented on-campus protests. His work is the result of careful scrutiny of his subject, but his thorough preparation never prevents the possibility of great spontaneous moments. He looks forward to working with new clients who need skilled photography and video for their projects and events.